Monday 28 October 2019


Andy McDonald, just as dumb as his Corrie namesake

"You don't want a no deal Brexit, you don't want this deal, you don't want an election - what do you want?"
(Iain Dale to Andy McDonald)

LBC's Iain Dale clashed with Labour's Andy McDonald on the airwaves today about Labour's refusal to back an election.  The Shadow Transport Secretary (yes, seriously) was moaning about a wintry election, primarily the fact that university students would be back on campus at that time and supposedly unable to vote.  Dale took exception to this and consequently triggered McDonald when he referred to people who couldn't be bothered to vote as "feckless".  McDonald proceeded to roll off a sob story about how young people are hard done by, prompting thoughts of 'poor snowflakes'.

It's fair to say McDonald is not the sharpest tool and this interview showed it.  Then again, it's not an easy position to defend when everybody (the entire nation) knows that your party is running scared of them.  The longer Labour chicken out, the more desperate these interviews will get.

Watch the full exchange below.

That look you give each other when your caller gives you a sob story about the yoof,
in sight of Armistice Day no less!