Wednesday 2 October 2019


A brief Twitter exchange took place earlier today between Richey and Labour MP Ian Lucas.  The Remainer MP for Wrexham/Wrecsam was called out on his frequent Brexit blocking antics.

Lucas then retweeted us and informed everyone that he'd "voted for two".

To the common viewer he appears to be suggesting that he backed the withdrawal agreement twice.  However, he voted against said agreement on all three occasions it was presented.

He backed more than two options in each round of indicative votes, so it's an absolute mystery as to what he is talking about.  What is for certain is he is one of many Labour MPs seeking to reverse Brexit in the face of a Leave vote in his own constituency (58%).  By his own admission he says his stance could cost him his seat in the next election, a seat that has been held by Labour since 1935.  A 'Leave alliance' could oust him, ideally with the Brexit Party giving the Tories a free run, but unfortunately Boris Johnson categorically ruled it out over the weekend.  Bad move Boris!

Wrexham general election 2017

Ian Lucas (Lab) 17,153 (48.9%) +11.7%
Andrew Atkinson (Con) 15,321 (43.7%) +12.1%
Carrie Harper (Plaid) 1,753 (5.0%) −2.6%
Carole O'Toole (Lib Dem) 865 (2.5%) −2.8%

Wrexham general election 2015

Ian Lucas (Lab) 12,181 (37.2%) +0.4%
Andrew Atkinson (Con) 10,350 (31.6%) +6.2%
Niall Plevin-Kelly (UKIP) 5,072 (15.5%) +13.2%
Carrie Harper (Plaid) 2,501 (7.6%) +1.5%
Rob Walsh (Lib Dem) 1,735 (5.3%) −20.5%
David Munnerley (Green) 669 (2.0%) New
Brian Edwards (Ind) 211 (0.6%) New

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