Tuesday 8 October 2019


The most talked about film of the moment has raised a few eyebrows in media circles, not least the Guardian.  "Most disappointing film of the year" headlines the leftist rag's meagre two-star review.  It's odd, because most cinema goers are raving about Joker, a film based on Batman's arch nemesis.  In fact the Rotten Tomatoes review website currently shows a sizeable disparity between what critics are saying and what the audience is saying.  Bear in mind that the audience score is averaged over more than 24,500 reviews, while the critics score is based on just 436 reviews.

It's fair to say that audiences are very impressed with this film, so why are critics so, er, critical?  Are we seeing yet another production being castigated on political merit rather than artistic merit?  Well, if the Guardian is anything to go by, then yes.  Asides from the pathetic review, the newspaper has literally gone to war on this film with numerous articles criticising everything from its depiction of gun violence to the interviews given by its star Joaquin Phoenix.  The cat was truly out of the bag when the newspaper declared:  "Forget Joker, here's the film you should see about an extremist loner".  The film they want you to see is about an 'alt-right' racist who turns to violence.  This is obviously more in keeping with the Guardian agenda.

In the following video Paul Joseph Watson goes into more detail about why leftist critics hate Joker...

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For a good honest non-woke review of the film see below (spoiler warning).  The Critical Drinker is one of the finest independent film reviewers on YouTube and he doesn't hold back...

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