Tuesday 1 October 2019


Priti Patel received a standing ovation at the Tory conference today after giving a speech laden with digs at Diane Abbott, Corbyn and their north London clique.  Speaking directly into the camera for the most part, this was a pitch to the nation and a stark warning for those toying with the idea of voting Labour.  Do they really want her disastrous opposite number to take her place?

Abbott, meanwhile, will be taking Corbyn's place for her first Prime Minister's Questions tomorrow.  It's not clear whether Corbyn is unavailable or whether this is merely a stunt for Black History Month.  Diane won't be taking on Boris as he is still in Manchester at the conference, but the very capable Dominic Raab will stand in for him.  Should be comical.  It's a fair bet she will be sinking a few tonight at the mere thought of it.

As it's the big 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China today, how better to celebrate than to relive one of Diane's most notorious gaffes - heaping praise on the biggest mass murderer in history...