Monday 14 October 2019


As MPs were summoned for the Queen's Speech today a familiar voice rang out.  Left-wing republican fossil Dennis Skinner traditionally heckles Black Rod as he/she enters the Commons.  This year he blurted out "No, I'm not going", although someone appears to have cut the microphone as he began to speak.  Watch below.

With a general election looming, it's ironic that he should shout "I'm not going", because it's clear that the only way in which this guy would leave Parliament is in a wooden box.  He's 87 now and if he makes it beyond the next election for another five years he will be the oldest Member of Parliament in history, all the while denying a younger person of working age the opportunity of employment!

In preparation for his traditional outburst, Russia Today produced this compilation featuring some of his previous Black Rod heckles.