Friday 18 October 2019


Labour is currently tearing itself apart over Boris's Brexit deal.  MPs voicing support for the deal are being condemned and many activists, including the odious opportunist Owen Jones, are calling for the whip to be withdrawn.  As predicted Corbyn was always going to reject the deal regardless of what was in it.  Such was his eagerness to voice his opposition to it that he aired his feelings BEFORE the text of the agreement had been released.  Brexiteer Ronnie Campbell appeared on last night's Newsnight to voice his support for the deal and hit out at "100 per cent Remainer" Keir Starmer.

John McDonnell responded to Ronnie's appearance this morning by telling Radio 4's Today programme:  "I’m going to have a chat with Ronnie, because he is a good socialist and all his life he has fought alongside me to protect trade union rights and develop trade union rights".  McDonnell's recent behaviour has in itself caused a gulf to appear at the very heart of the ultra left Corbyn machine.  Various unilateral announcements have led some to believe that he is asserting control over the party, something that has even been referred to as a 'silent coup'.  His comments on a second Scottish independence referendum sparked a major conflict in the party, something that dragged on for weeks until Corbyn finally dared to contradict him.  More recently he announced that he and Corbyn would stand down if they lost the next election, but again this appeared to be news to the 'leader'.

One pro-Corbyn voice lashed out vehemently against John McDonnell yesterday.  Forthright, as ever...

On top of everything else, there is also bitter disagreement over the timing of a general election.  Many Labour MPs fear an election because they perceive their leader as 'unelectable' and consequently a threat to their own electability, while ultra-Remainers refuse to countenance such a prospect until they get their so-called 'People's Vote'.  Total shambles.