Monday 14 October 2019


With Parliament prorogued it was a fairly quiet week as recent history goes.  This is reflected in the following stats.  We've added one more stat this week - the number of Facebook posts.  We actually posted 21 times on Facebook, but the moderators removed one on Saturday night (more on that later).  It was very nice to cross over the 90,000 threshold for likes, but again not much progress on Twitter.  This week should be very busy as we countdown to the deadline for a Brexit deal and Saturday's emergency session in the Commons (oh, and another remainer protest).


442,743 total page views (+1,617)


90,076 likes (+283)
95,099 follows (+269)

4,126 most shared post (+1,510)
20 number of posts (one removed by Facebook)

1,024,253 post reach (-1,114,759)
277,572 post engagement (-404,633)

Facebook (backup page)

3,217 likes (-2)
3,415 follows (-2)


514 followers (+1)


130 subscribers (-1)

Figures correct at time of publishing.