Monday 7 October 2019


It was a fairly uneventful week in the Commons, save for the hilarity of Diane Abbott's PMQ disaster on Wednesday.  Facebook engagement tailed off quickly after that, having risen to a record high on Tuesday.  This is normal, as reach and engagement largely fluctuate depending on what is happening in the news and our ability to react to it effectively.  The vital statistics are the likes and follows across our social media and maintaining positive figures on a weekly basis.  Twitter has been a particular success story this week as we finally crossed the threshold of 500.  Some minor improvements were carried out to the YouTube channel, including a custom URL and a new in-video subscribe button.


441,126 total page views (+2,693)


89,793 likes (+730)
94,830 follows (+904)

2,616 most shared post (-12,645)

2,139,012 post reach (-1,465,821)
682,205 post engagement (-762,194)

Facebook (backup page)

3,219 likes (+2)
3,417 follows (+1)


513 followers (+18)


131 subscribers (+3)

Figures correct at time of publishing.