Tuesday 19 April 2022


A Muslim Labour candidate in next month's local elections has shared an image of herself giving the middle finger towards a war memorial in London.  Iman Less (pictured above, alongside the offending gesture) accompanied the social media post with the caption: "How can you sleep at night?  When you don't even fight for your right?"  The Sun also reports that she shared a video applauding the BLM vandal who tried to set fire to a Union flag on the Cenotaph during the 2020 BLM riots.

Less is standing for the Maida Vale ward on Westminster City Council, all the seats for which are up for re-election on May 5.  Labour currently holds all three seats in Maida Vale and Less has been selected in place of outgoing councillor Rita Begum.  Therefore it is likely that this incredibly disrespectful individual will be elected just a few weeks from now.

Less apologised in response to The Sun's exposé, saying: "I unreservedly apologise for the posts.  I have the highest respect and regard for our Armed Forces".  Sorry dear, but people who have the highest respect for our troops don't give them the middle finger.

The war memorial in question was the Guards Crimean War Memorial in St James's, Westminster.  The significance of it was probably lost on this hateful moron.  She has since locked down her social media accounts, both on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. The idiots will still vote for her, she doesn't look as though living in racist Britain has been hard on her.

  2. She lives a lie , she lives outside the 'law' she professes with the makeup & western appearance alone . Yet'people' of this faith have stated many times that , according to their 'law' it is allowable to lie to an infidel . If you're an infidel you shouldn't get mad ; according to that 'logic' - which - like that 'law' , makes all 'logic' impossible ; hence their confusion thruout life - in general & , omitting any personal encounters - even among themselves. Confused ? Imagine their world . Jesus says to pray for such folks so they may live in Light. Preferable to eternal conflict , that , is hell .