Friday 15 April 2022


Four council contests this week and some signs of a further backlash over Partygate.  The Conservatives were defending two seats and lost both - one to Labour and one to the Lib Dems.  In County Durham the situation was far from clear cut as the Tory seat up for grabs had been won from a second place position (there were two seats available).  Labour extended their lead over the Tories and easily took the seat.

In Surrey the Tories were stunned by a Lib Dem surge, aided by the absence of other candidates including Labour.

The other two seats on offer were vacated by independents.  The Lib Dems surged to victory from nowhere in Maldon, while the other seat went to another independent as the Lib Dems tied with the Tories for second place.

Absentees this week were independents across all four seats, Labour in Surrey Heath and Tewkesbury and UKIP in Surrey Heath.

West Auckland, Durham County Council

Lab: 956 (56.3%) +12.2%
Con: 554 (32.6%) -10.2%
Ind: 187 (11.0%) New

Lab GAIN from Con

Heybridge West, Maldon District Council

LDem: 269 (44.8%) New
Con: 107 (18.4%) -21.2%
Ind: 93 (16.0%) New
Ind: 72 (12.4%) New
Lab: 49 (8.4%) New

LDem GAIN from Ind

Bisley & West End, Surrey Heath Borough Council

LDem: 1,286 (66.0%) +48.8%
Con: 662 (34.0%) -0.8%

LDem GAIN from Con

Brockworth East, Tewkesbury Borough Council

Ind: 346 (69.5%) New
Con: 76 (15.3%) -0.9%
LDem: 76 (15.3%) +2.5%

Ind GAIN from Ind


Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Ind = Independents

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