Friday 22 April 2022


Hapless Labour backbencher Chris Bryant has put out yet another ill-judged tweet, this time taking aim at Jacob Rees-Mogg.  Captain Underpants had taken exception to a note that Rees-Mogg has reportedly been leaving at the empty desks of civil servants.  A photo of the note was shared on Twitter by BBC collaborator Dino Sofos...

The note appears to be a passive aggressive extension of Rees-Mogg's call for civil servants to return to the office.  It's only fair, given that the rest of the country either worked through the pandemic or have returned to work since.  The key difference is that the rest of the country isn't funded by the taxpayer, as the civil service most certainly is.  What gives these individuals the right to dictate their working conditions over something that most sane people now realise is nothing worse than a bad cold?

However, Bryant's take is that Rees-Mogg is the one in the wrong...

This coming from a man who recently demanded that dual national British-Russians either choose Britain or face deportation.

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