Saturday 30 April 2022


The Beeb's long-running Have I Got News For You has a Twitter account and, as with the show itself, the tweeters exhibit a prominent left-leaning bias.  As such it has developed a very left-leaning fan base.  However, a couple of tweets on Friday reduced the lefties to their natural state of crying like small infants when faced with something that runs contrary to their own beliefs.  The bedwetting fest reached epidemic proportions when the following was tweeted from the account...

This followed a separate tweet posted an hour earlier, which poked fun at Labour's suggestion that Angela Rayner's presence at the 'beers for Keir' event in Durham was a 'genuine mistake'.  Both that tweet and the one above led to dozens of angry tweets from leftists, outraged that their favourite show had finally shown some balance...

Leftist bedwetting, can't beat it!

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