Saturday 16 April 2022


If you met Owen Jones in a boozer and someone told you he was a 'bully' you would probably spit your drink out.  However, this is the age of social media and according to an article in Private Eye, Little Owen has been the subject of several complaints of cowardly online bullying using his Twitter account.  With more than a million followers, when Jones goes after people on Twitter he invites a pile-on.  Ironically, when someone criticises him they are swiftly blocked (we have been blocked for several years).  Clearly the lad can give it, but he cannot take it (no gay pun intended).

All three complainants are reportedly female journalists from The Guardian, for whom Jones is also a contributor.  The last two complaints arose after the reporters wrote articles in defence of women's sex-based rights, at odds with the far left's current fascination with 'trans rights'.  Private Eye claims that the most recent complaint led to an independent investigation sanctioned by The Guardian.  An extract from the report was quoted in the article: "We find that Jones breached the social media guidelines as he used social media to air an internal dispute and as his use of language and tone were found to be personalised - demonstrating, in our opinion, a lack of professionalism".  The report is also said to have condemned Jones's 'failure to recognise the impact of his actions when considering the size of his following on Twitter'.

The report was apparently delivered last month, around the same time the wee lad was delivering a speech about how to be more 'kind and accepting to colleagues'.  Private Eye says the report was to remain strictly confidential and many at the newspaper are unaware of its existence.  That certainly appeared to be the case when Jones tweeted a brief statement from his employers denying that no-one had been found guilty of bullying.  However, the statement added: "Many colleagues have had to be reminded about the organisation's social media guidelines, which discourage people from personally criticising colleagues on Twitter".  So, perhaps more than a grain of truth after all?

While many of those on the receiving end of Jones's Twitter pile-ons welcomed the claims, as always the wee lad could rely on his commie pal Ash Sarkar for support...


  1. Comrades! Ash Sarkar is not a Communist. She only for thinks she is.

  2. Both Jones and Sarkar are bourgeois Liberals. Not socialists. And, Jones is as detested amongst Communists as he is amongst Nationalists.