Monday 3 September 2018


by Kakeqhgiaitt

Frank Field has decided to become an Independent in the House of Commons.

He is a very long-serving MP, and was first elected to his position as MP in 1979.  He has been a supporter of Brexit too, putting him at odds with many MPs in his party.

He has written a strongly-worded letter to the chief whip, in which he is very critical of his party with regards to the anti-semitism crisis and the party’s handling of it.  He is not the only Labour MP to be critical of the party when it comes to anti-semitism – but he is the first to resign over this scandal.


Corbynites have decided to use smears online, digging up an old article in which he praises Enoch Powell – but does not agree with literally every word Enoch Powell said.

As if this does not give Frank Field the right to criticise the Labour Party for antisemitism.  This is a pathetic and spectacularly weak argument, about which anyone in agreement should feel huge shame.

They have also decided to claim that his resignation had nothing to do with the anti-semitism crisis, and it was just a case of him jumping before he was pushed as there was the possibility of him being deselected.  Such a claim would imply that Frank Field is simply using a resignation (that would have happened anyway to smear) to criticise the leadership.  Owen Jones has tweeted this claim, including the phrase “end of story” in his tweet.

Such desperate, despicable and unhelpful measures being taken by those who wish to smear anyone who even dares to criticise the Labour Party for anti-semitism shows that Soviet-style whataboutery has not lost its appeal to some on the left, who wish to dig up old articles and bring in outside information to invalidate criticism of the Labour Party.

They should instead their time fighting anti-semitism and bigotry in their own party, using the resignation as evidence of the unpopularity of bigotry and racism among some Labour Party members.

I would definitely agree with the excellent Labour MP Wes Streeting’s tweet on this matter, in which he calls for more to be done to tackle the racism of the Labour Party.  Well done Wes – and shame on those who have lost attention to the issue at stake.  The issue which many people in the party strongly and rightly believe needs stamping, driving and kicking out.  However it wishes to leave, anti-semitism MUST NOT be allowed to manifest in Labour.