Wednesday 12 September 2018


Most decent people would agree that targeting somebody while they're with their young children is beyond the pale.  However, the assorted rag tag army of leftie scum that the rise of Corbyn has encouraged don't share the morals of most decent people.  Several Labour moderates have tweeted their disgust at the Class War goon, but no such condemnation from Corbyn or McDonnell.  In fact John Ra McDonnell is tacitly inciting such behaviour as he routinely talks up the "far right" menace with his end game to have a street army of "Antifa" thugs at his disposal.

Even Little Owen has condemned the Class War loon - Ian Bone - albeit he appears to still be smarting about an offensive banner they unveiled about him last year.  Guido was quick to expose Bone's Labour ties including an assertion by Bone that one of Corbyn's leading advisors (Andrew Fisher) is a supporter.

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