Thursday 21 September 2023


Keir Starmer's veneration of the European Union is no big secret, but just how much closer his government would drag us back towards membership remains unclear.  Last week he sparked confusion when he said he would seek a deal with the EU on migrants, in which the EU would accept 'some returns' while Britain would accept an unspecified number from the EU.  This led to Tory claims that he was going to allow up to 100,000 cross from the continent (not much change from the Tory record to be fair!).

Starmer said that figure was 'complete garbage', but refused to be pushed on what the number might be.  When asked about numbers, Labour's Pat McFadden said ominously: "I don’t think you can predict what the numbers will be when they’re growing the way they have been in recent years."  So it'll probably be an orchestrated invasion on the scale that the US is currently experiencing at its southern border!

In addition to his proposed migrant exchange deal, further comments by Starmer have been exposed by Sky News, proposing a much closer relationship with the EU.  Starmer made the comments last weekend at a globalist conference of centre-left leaders in Canada, telling delegates that a Britain seeking to 'diverge and do things differently to our EU partners' was set on 'conflict'.  "We don't want to diverge", he added.

Watch the clip below.

Judging from these comments, it seems that a Starmer-led government would put Britain on the same course as the EU - to do as they do, regardless of whether or not that is right for Britain.  Such a direction would render Brexit meaningless, with the kind of abject disdain that we can expect from ardent Remainers.  Same old Starmer, same old Labour.

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