Monday 30 September 2019


'Campaign Stats' will be a new weekly update on how we're progressing (or not, as the case may be) across our various platforms.  From next Monday you'll be able to see how many followers we've added/lost per platform.  We're aware that Sunday is the start of a new week, but we already have the 'Most Shared' slot appearing that day.  This way we will have weekly slots for Friday-Monday as follows.

Friday:  Council By-Elections
Saturday:  Week In Cartoons
Sunday:  Most Shared
Monday:  Campaign Stats

Last week was an exceptional week on Facebook and we clocked up over 3,000 new likes.  Post reach and engagement were close to, if not exceeding, record levels.  Post reach is the number of people who have had one of our posts appear on their screen.  Post engagement is the number of people who have clicked on, liked, commented or shared our posts.  It will be difficult to follow that upward trend this week, albeit a week is a long time in politics!

As you'll see, we are still miles behind the main Facebook page with our other avenues.  Of particular disappointment is Twitter (run solely by Richey).  YouTube is not such a big issue as it is still fairly new and and we don't post as regularly.  The Facebook backup page, despite frequent requests to do so, is still way behind where it should be.  This is where we turn up in the event of a Facebook ban, so if you are a Facebook follower please be sure to click and like.


438,433 total page views


93,926 follows

15,261 most shared post

3,604,833 post reach
1,444,399 post engagement

Facebook (backup page)

3,416 follows




128 subscribers

Figures correct at time of publishing.