Saturday 21 September 2019


Most Corbynista millennials will have never heard of Alexei Sayle.  He was a big name on the so-called 'alternative comedy' circuit in the 1980s and was a TV regular.  Thankfully he largely disappeared from our screens thereafter.  He's written a raft of books in recent years and hasn't done too badly for himself on account he can afford to live in upmarket Bloomsbury, with a holiday home in the south of Spain.  He's also a lifelong communist (he joined the Communist Party at fifteen) and therefore he is a big supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.

On the eve of the Labour conference he released a video on Twitter in which he defended Corbyn (see below) and also used his Jewish background to rubbish claims the party has become a haven for anti-Semites.  He proudly shows off his Jeremy Corbyn mug to the camera, but judging from his slurred speech we can only speculate as to which top shelf product slipped into it...