Thursday 19 September 2019


Jeremy Corbyn's most recent Brexit u-turn (if you can keep up) will keep him firmly under the cosh from both sides.  While he remains committed to holding a second referendum (in direct contradiction of Labour's 2017 manifesto), he says Labour would sit on the fence in that referendum.  Good luck getting all your MPs on board with that policy!  Several have already indicated they would ignore such a strategy and openly campaign for Remain.  Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has also announced he would back Remain and has instructed Welsh members to follow suit (despite the fact Wales voted Leave in 2016).

However, Jezza actually has some support for his policy of neutrality.  That support has been mobilised by Rotherham Constituency Labour Party by way of a motion to be submitted to the forthcoming party conference (see below, click to enlarge).

One might commend Rotherham CLP for resisting the full-on Remain stance, but why can't they actually support the huge Leave mandate that was handed to them in 2016 by the Rotherham electorate?  The constituency returned one of the strongest Leave votes in the country at 68%, yet the local Labour Party would rather sit on the fence and, by proxy, ignore their instruction by supporting another referendum.

Curiously there is no mention of Rotherham's MP in the motion or the accompanying letter.  That's probably because Sarah Champion has ideas of her own.  She recently caused a stir among Remainers by not only daring to suggest that the Leave mandate should be implemented, but that she would personally opt for a no deal exit over revocation.  Watch the shocking exchange below, courtesy of Politics Live (don't watch if you are of a remoan disposition).

There will have been some tea and coffee spat out that lunchtime.