Sunday 15 September 2019


Daft Dave Lammy is such a bag of contradictions.  He spends much of his life moaning about racism, yet can't contain his own race baiting tendencies.  Yesterday he was triggered by the image of a ship.

The mind boggles doesn't it?  He bemoans "colonial amnesia" yet appears to suggest we should erase from history our proud ship-building tradition because some of those ships happened to transport his ancestors.  We're an island you moron, we build ships.

24 hours earlier Dave also tweeted the following.

Clearly Dave has massive respect for limp-wristed white males who express shame for the crimes of their ancestors.  Obviously, when they say ancestors they don't mean those who fought fascism in the 1940s.  Unless it comes to Brexit, then those evil old fuckers can't die soon enough.  You see Dave, you can't have it both ways.  You can't in one breath use the imagery of WWII heroism to push one agenda, while trashing those same people because they didn't vote Remain.

"Fragility"?  The brass neck of this incompetent race baiting snowflake.