Monday 6 September 2021


The member for Nottingham East has announced her return to work after being off sick since May with what she described as 'post-traumatic stress disorder'.  It's still not clear what brought on the shell shock, but Nadia Whittome was positively radiant in her comeback announcement.  During the two minute video (see below) she referred to casework that had been dealt with by her team while she'd been off, highlighting four categories:

1) "Helping families in overcrowded housing"
2) "Stopping two deportations"
3) "Ensuring people are receiving the money they're entitled to"
4) "Assisting those with relatives in Afghanistan"

As with Barry Gardiner's Afghan-only surgeries in Brent, it appears that Whittome's focus is also very much on helping her non-British constituents.  Shameless.

It's also worth noting Whittome's personal gratitude to Keir Starmer, something that won't play too well with her far left comrades.  Starmer retweeted her video and said: "We're all delighted to have you back, Nadia".  The Labour leader was then bombarded with angry comments from the left reminding him that it was barely twelve months since he sacked Whittome from the front bench while she was live on Peston.

The Commons returns on Monday after the summer recess with fresh tyranny on the agenda, including domestic vaccine passports and the renewal of the Coronavirus Act.  The so-called 'opposition' will presumably support both.