Sunday 12 September 2021


The US Open victory of 18-year-old Emma Raducanu was greeted by many on the left - not as a win for Great Britain - but a win for diversity.  The same people who bleat constantly about racism could not get over her diverse ethnic background.  In the following selection of tweets look how they obsess about her ethnicity and note the sequence of flags in Sadiq Khan's tweet - the Union flag comes last -and he can't even be bothered to spell her name correctly!

Perhaps the prize for the most obsessive race baiter on the back of Raducanu's success was Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray.

So, we don't love homegrown talent then?  Why is that, exactly?  Because they are British born and bred?  That doesn't sound racist at all!

Ray then proceeded to pick fights with anyone who criticised his obnoxious tweets, including Yorkshire Post cartoonist Graeme Bandeira.  More race baiting followed in that exchange...

Those who claim to be anti-racist appear to be the most racist of them all.