Monday 27 September 2021


Labour's Diana Johnson has lashed out at young people enjoying themselves on their way home on Saturday night.  The MP for Hull North posted a picture of a crowded tube carriage on her Twitter account, describing the midnight scene as 'party time' with no masks being worn and mostly young passengers indulging in 'alcohol and smoking'.

It's not clear if Johnson took the photo herself, but there is no evidence of smoking.  There is one lad with a cigarette behind his ear, but that doesn't count!  Yes, there appears to be drinking and there definitely and most wonderfully is hardly a face mask in sight.  Tube passengers are mandated to wear face coverings by Sadiq Khan, which is no surprise given that left-wingers across the country continue to cling on to mask mandates.  Johnson herself features a masked-up emoji in her Twitter profile.

Many Twitter users responded to Johnson's tweet with comments like 'good on them' and 'great to see'.  Others complained that the MP had shared the image online without the permission of the youngsters involved.  Having retweeted her with a comment of our own, Johnson responded by hitting the block button, joining many of her colleagues who have blocked us over the years.

No great loss there.