Friday 17 September 2021


Mark Drakeford has confirmed that Wales will join Scotland in implementing domestic vaccine passports from next month.  However, unlike in Scotland (and England, when they are implemented as part of Johnson's 'Plan B'), unvaccinated people will still be able to attend nightclubs and large-scale events if they can show proof of a negative lateral flow test.  In order to do so they will still have to use the sinister NHS Covid app to obtain a 'Covid Pass'.

Drakeford bizarrely claimed during his three-weekly briefing on Friday this meant that Wales was not implementing vaccine passports, merely a Covid Pass.  He did so to try and assuage libertarian concerns, but it will fall on deaf ears as this new mandate remains a grave abuse of state power.  Furthermore, at no point during his 55 minute briefing did he say that the move would be 'temporary'.  He did admit that the vaccines do not prevent transmission - so what is the point of a vaccine passport if it is not merely a form of social control?

Vax passes are a slippery slope and we must oppose them in order to prevent a CCP-style social credit system for future generations.  Our ancestors did not die for this.

The fourth 'Worldwide Rally for Freedom' takes place on Saturday in cities around the world, in opposition to ongoing Covid tyranny.  Participating UK cities include London, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Hull and Cardiff (see below).  For more information please click here.