Wednesday 15 September 2021


There was no mention of the PM's winter Covid plan as Keir Starmer instead focused his attention on the end of the universal credit uplift (which was a temporary bonus for claimants during the pandemic).  Starmer also attacked an increase in national insurance contributions (that's right - we live in an age where the party of high taxes is attacking the party of low taxes on tax!)

It shouldn't really be a surprise to see Labour giving the government an easy ride on Covid restrictions, seeing as they have supported the measures throughout.  Labour has even indicated its full support for jabbing children with a Covid vaccine, Starmer himself proudly declaring that he would tell his 12 year old son to have it.  They are all complicit in the tragedies that will inevitably unfold.

Credit to Boris Johnson, he has not taken any time off following the death of his mother two days ago.  Watch below.

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