Thursday 23 September 2021


Labour's Ben Bradshaw has clashed with failed Labour MP Laura Pidcock over Keir Starmer's proposed rule changes for future leadership elections.  The changes are widely perceived to be an attempt to prevent the rise of another far left candidate, albeit Bradshaw denied this in the Newsnight clash.  

Pidcock called the proposed rule changes 'preposterous', but the most absurd thing was her assertion that party members were predominantly working class.  She had bizarrely turned the debate into a class issue and suggested that any reduction in the influence of members' votes was an attack on the working class.  Pidcock is not the sharpest tool in the box, but she must be well aware that her party is now solidly middle class and has been for years.

For someone as daft as Ben Bradshaw - who blames the Russians for Brexit and backs Scottish independence - to be made to look competent in any debate does not reflect well on Pidcock.  Furthermore, the fact that Pidcock was famously spoken of as a 'future leader' does not reflect well on the far left.

Click below for the clip.

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