Monday 6 September 2021


Lisa Nandy has been trending on Twitter after provoking fury on the far left with comments about Jeremy Corbyn.  Nandy was speaking to Times Radio on Sunday and said she felt Keir Starmer was right to withdraw the whip, adding: "As far as I’m aware, Jeremy hasn’t apologised for the hurt that he caused to the Jewish community and until he does I don’t think he should sit as a Labour MP".  However, it was what she said next that really riled up the Corbynistas.

Pushed on what would happen if Corbyn stood as an independent in Islington North, Nandy said Labour would stand against him and 'fight very hard to win'.  She also said she was prepared to 'go and knock on doors for our candidate'.  Listen below.

Many Corbynistas pointed out that while Corbyn has a whopping majority of 26,188, Nandy is clinging on by comparison with 6,728.  Should she rock up in Islington canvassing for the Labour candidate she could simultaneously lose her own seat and fail to dislodge Corbyn anyway.  Nandy's current majority is the smallest Labour majority in Wigan since 1931.