Monday 13 September 2021


Diane Abbott went south of the river on Friday night to indulge in the delights of south London's oldest gay bar.  Diane is 68 later this month and in her lovely polka dot frock she looked more than a little out of place among the scantily clad trannies.  However, those in her company were clearly in awe of her presence and two of them have since updated their Twitter profile pictures to show off their Diane selfies.  One of those was Ava Vidal, a left-wing comedian and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.

Vidal also shared the following video, in which she interviews Diane on stage about the House of Commons.  Note the racist rhetoric about Parliament being 'overwhelmingly white' and serving 'roast beef and Yorkshire pudding'.

Vidal's joke at the end about jerk pork being an 'underhand way of being Islamophobic' will play really well with Labour's core Muslim voters, in addition to the decadent surroundings in which the exchange took place.

Finally, we couldn't help but notice the tweet of 'Jolene Dover' who describes himself as a 'drag diva'...

Should Joe be taking advice about shoes from Diane?