Thursday 9 September 2021


With thousands of Afghans flown in and tens of thousands of migrants flocking to Britain's southern shores, the Mayor of London has launched a new campaign to support the influx of future Labour voters.  Across the city huge electronic billboards have begun declaring 'refugees welcome', both in English and the two main languages of Afghanistan - Dari and Pashto.  Khan announced his new initiative, which is presumably paid for by London taxpayers, by tweeting: "London is a city built by people from all backgrounds and all corners of the world".

Really, Sadiq?  This may be news to you, but London is more than a thousand years old and was not built by people from 'all corners of the world'.  London's historic architecture was built way before the advent of mass immigration from 'all corners of the world'.  Please stop revising history to fit your own woke agenda.

In a further virtue signal to the metropolitan middle class wankers who elect him, Khan also tweeted the following:

Wrong again.  They're coming from France, after having traipsed across countless other safe European countries in order to reach the land of milk and honey.  Safe routes?  How much more space does London have Sadiq?  It appears that you can house them all, which should be a relief to the hundreds of other local authorities around the country currently being asked to give up valuable housing stock.

In between tweets inviting the Third World to London, Khan has the audacity to warn of the dangers of 'violent acts of terrorism' - ignoring the fact that open borders and terrorism go hand in hand.  Only last week there was a knife attack in Germany by an Afghan migrant 'offended' by the sight of a working woman.  Also last week was the multiple knife attack in New Zealand by a Sri Lankan migrant.

So, Mr Mayor, when one of your beloved 'refugees' commits an atrocity in London, we can hold you directly responsible.

No, London does not welcome tens of thousands of newcomers, an increased terror threat and all the extra strains on housing and public services they bring with them.  You are not London, Sadiq.  It's about time you realised that.