Monday, 5 August 2019


Shadow Health Minister Jon Ashworth gave a lengthy interview to Niall Paterson on Sky News yesterday.  Standing in for Sophy Ridge, Paterson didn't give Ashworth an easy ride, pushing him on a US trade deal under Labour (that wouldn't happen) and in particular Labour's recent electoral woes.  Yeah but, no but, it's a joy to watch a Labour frontbencher flap.  On being pushed a third time on Labour's consistently poor electoral performances Ashworth goes on a wittering rant against 'right-wing' Boris and culminates in a 'Project Fear' story about children not getting school meals after a no deal Brexit.  Poor.  Watch the full interview below.

PS. Jon, you talk about "Tory cuts", but we all know who crippled our economy and why we have cuts in the first place.  All you lot would do is borrow more and plunge us further into the red.  Incidentally, your leader's favourite colour!