Thursday 15 August 2019


Corbyn has written to his fellow conspirators to outline his intention to grab the top job after a successful no confidence vote.  As well as party leaders, he wrote to three Tory backbenchers (Grieve, Letwin and Spelman), plus ex-Tory Nick Boles.

Corbyn's letter (click to enlarge)

Jezza's dream of becoming PM, if only temporarily, appears to have run aground within hours of the plot going public.  Jo Swinson dismissed the notion of PM Corbyn as "nonsense" and swiftly nominated either Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman as "better" candidates.  Ian Blackford, Liz Savile-Roberts and Caroline Lucas welcomed his letter and were open for discussion, but appeared less keen on having Corbyn at the head of a so-called 'unity government'.  Meanwhile, Anna Soubry expressed disappointment at being left out.  She is still classing herself as a 'party leader' (remember that Change UK debacle?)

Corbyn's assertion that the referendum provided no mandate for no deal is just plain wrong.  The ballot was binary, there were no sub-options branching off from the Leave option.  If he and his Commons colleagues (including the government), cannot agree on a deal after more than three years then we leave without one.  It's that simple.