Friday, 9 August 2019


There were three council by-elections last night, two of which saw the Labour vote crash.  It was a good night for the Lib Dems who took a seat from the Tories in a tight contest in Worcester.  The Tory vote held up in all three wards.  Interestingly, the one ward in which the Labour vote went up came in Northamptonshire, where the BNP was not standing this time round.  It seems that BNP voters flocked to 'anti-racist' Labour over the 'racist' Tories.  Funny that.

Claines, Worcester

Lib Dem: 47.6% (+9.3%)
Con: 45.6% (+5.2%)
Green: 4.6% (-0.6%)
Lab: 2.2% (-12.4%)

Lib Dem GAIN from Con

Newnham, Cambridge

Lib Dem: 59.5% (+16.3%)
Lab: 18.1% (-18.1%)
Green: 11.5% (+1.5%)
Con: 11.0% (+0.2%)

Lib Dem HOLD

Irthlingborough Waterloo, East Northamptonshire

Con: 53.1% (-2.2%)
Lab: 46.9% (+11.6%)


One Lib Dem supporter was over the moon with the Worcester result...

If he looks familiar, it's because you've seen him before.