Wednesday 7 August 2019


Labour frontbencher Rebecca Long-Bailey says Labour are not interested in being part of a 'unity government' and want a general election so they can form a majority government.  She says this with a straight face and later adds that Labour holds the "true interests of the British people at heart".  Astonishing.  We all know that Labour cannot win a majority and would rely on the SNP to form an anti-British coalition with IndyRef2 part of the deal.

Channel 4's Cathy Newman appears to betray her political agenda in this interview by proposing three ardent remoaners as potential leaders of a unity government.  Heidi 'On A Hat Trick' Allen, Yvette 'Ignores Her Constituents' Cooper and Jo 'Ignores The Country' Swinson command the "respect of the House"?  Really?  Parliament is in a worse state than previously thought if this is the case.