Friday 16 August 2019


Commie journalist Ash Sarkar claims that Corbyn will "deal with the climate crisis".  She says that failure to get him into Number Ten will result in "rising sea levels".  These crazed Corbynistas are hilarious, and highly hypocritical.  The current Labour leadership only began to show any interest in environmental concerns in April this year.  And now they are going to save the world?  Outstanding!

What happened in April?  Two things.  Firstly, Britain's participation in the European elections began to look inevitable and the Brexit Party overtook Labour in the opinion polls.  Desperate to claw back their lead, Labour saw an opportunity to grab votes from the Green Party by suddenly espousing environmental concerns.  Secondly, there was the visit of Greta Thunberg, the ecobrat from Sweden who will surely be made a saint by the end of this year.  Corbyn (and Ed Miliband) seized the photo op, albeit Corbyn himself looked like a dirty old man leering over her.  Whether or not the sudden interest in 'climate change' made any difference to Labour's electoral performance is not certain, but the Greens recorded their best ever European performance (7 seats) while Labour recorded their worst (10 seats).

Ash clearly feels very close and chummy with the Labour leadership.  She is regularly pictured at the side of 'Jezza' and Diane Abbott (who she refers to as the 'People's Auntie').  The fact that so many Labour frontbenchers are happy to associate with such a proud communist tells you everything you need to know about the extremists at the helm of the current Labour party.