Saturday 10 August 2019


Labour's John Mann has confirmed that he would not support a vote of no confidence in the government if it is attached to a second referendum or revocation of Article 50.  If Mann were to be joined by some of his Labour colleagues this should cancel out those Remainer Tories thought to be planning to vote with Corbyn (or more likely abstain).  Independents could also be crucial if Corbyn initiates the vote.  Ian Austin (ex-Labour) will almost certainly vote with the government, given his intense hatred of Corbyn and support for the Leave mandate.  Lady Hermon (ex-UUP) is less clear.  Although she is a Remainer and Labour sympathiser, she indicated earlier this year that she would never support a Corbyn-led government, so would she vote with him or abstain?  It's all going to be very interesting as we approach Halloween.