Wednesday 28 August 2019


Our Twitter account has been blocked by yet another Labour MP.  Frontbencher Stephen Morgan was triggered when we pointed out the hypocrisy of virtue signalling to veterans while serving under a man who supports the IRA and sitting a few bums down from IRA supporters John McDonnell and Diane Abbott.

Morgan blocked our account on the same day he attended the big Church House meeting.  As a signatory to the anti-Brexit declaration he is at odds with his own constituency.  Portsmouth South returned a 52% Leave vote in 2016 and the incumbent is vulnerable in a snap general election.  He has a small majority after taking the seat in 2017 from the Conservatives.

Having blocked our Twitter account Morgan joins a growing list of Labour MPs who have done the same - Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler, Mary Creagh, Kate Osamor and Paula Sherriff (to name a few).  We're also blocked by leftie bawbag journalists Owen Jones and Paul Mason.