Saturday 17 August 2019


News broke earlier tonight of an alleged assault on tubthumping Corbynista Owen Jones.  It happened at around 3am this morning, but surprisingly the wee lad didn't broadcast it until 08:26 this morning.  This is odd, considering that he seems to spend almost every hour of the day tweeting.  Adding to the intrigue is the tweet he issued at 05:09, that makes no mention of the incident.  At the time of writing he's tweeted six times about the assault and has since gone quiet.

Forgive the suspicion, but we have only Owen's word for this and would expect a huge narcissist to make a bigger meal of it.  Where are the pictures of his injuries?  Where is the mobile phone footage?  How does he know it was the "far right"?  Little Owen is equally despised my some on the left as he is on the right.  If it was such a well planned and "premeditated" attack then how come he escaped with such minor injuries?  So many questions.

One thing is for certain, if such an attack did take place it must be condemned by all sides.  While he is generally perceived as a cocky irritating wee gobshite, to use him as a punchbag on the streets serves only to strengthen his cause.  If he's been quiet about it today, he won't be tomorrow.  He's probably typing up his next Guardian column right now and we know how it's going to read...  the rise of the far right blah blah we must confront this thuggery blah blah Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, the hard right Tories blah blah bloody blah.  His commie friends in Novara Media are already all over it...

This attack, regardless of whether it actually happened, will be exploited by the left to the hilt.  You can hardly blame them.  When they were chucking milkshakes and joking about acid we turned that to our advantage.  Throwing punches at annoying little lefty bawbags is only going to help the cause of annoying little lefty bawbags.  However, if he did stage this, and he is found out, it's a career ender for Little Owen.