Monday 12 August 2019


The Edinburgh Fringe was awash with politicians this year.  John McDonnell (infamously), Heidi Allen, Johnny Mercer, Neil Hamilton, Nick Soames, Jo Swinson, Layla Moran, Alan Johnson and Sadiq Khan have all made an appearance.  Also performing was Grace Campbell, daughter of Alastair Campbell, except she is an actual comedian (allegedly).  Asides from comedy, Grace is the founder of 'Pink Protest', a feminist campaign group whose latest activism revolves around 'de-stigmatising' female masturbation with the hashtag #girlswanktoo.  Yes, seriously.  Alastair must be so proud.

Grace had time to catch up with the Mayor of London while she was at the Fringe and, as we know, Mr K loves photo ops.  But wait, what's that around her neck?

Wonder if daddy bought it for her?