Saturday 31 August 2019


Limp-wristed remoaners and the militant left could find themselves at cross-purposes today.  Remainers have been marching in their blue and yellow quisling attire for three years without resorting to direct action.  Now they are faced with having their peaceful protest hijacked by people who are more concerned with putting Corbyn in Number Ten than reversing the Leave mandate.  It's either going to be very interesting or a damp squib to be quickly forgotten.

Where Remainers and Momentum have some common ground is in the exploitation of migrants.  On Thursday a very angry Portuguese national interrupted a Sky News broadcast and unleashed a tirade littered with nonsense that had clearly been fed to her by the Remain lobby.  An excerpt (see below) has since been shared by Momentum as an example of the Tories' "cruel and destructive policies".

The problem with this outburst is that it doesn't make any sense.  She has worked here for 20 years, but says that she is to be kicked out of the country.  Nonsense.  The settlement scheme takes minutes to complete online, yet she makes out like it's been a huge drawn out process and Brexit is just around the corner.  It's two months away and the idea that the government is going to start rounding people up on November the 1st is an outlandish notion that could only have been fed to her.  The final words in the video are spoken off camera by someone shouting "Look at what the Tories have done".

This lady has been exploited by both Remainers and the hard left, but then it's perfectly acceptable to treat migrants like this when you are a self-righteous morally superior ideologue.