Tuesday 6 August 2019


A second legal action aimed at preventing a no deal Brexit has been launched.  Remain campaigner Gina Miller has already served a legal notice on Boris Johnson that she be informed of any plan to suspend Parliament with seven days notice (so that she can challenge the decision in court).  Yes, she holds herself in such high regard.  Despite everything Gina is still bizarrely claiming that she is not trying to stop Brexit.  As Niall Paterson recently observed in a Sky interview with her:  "There will be people watching this going 'Who do you think you are?'"  Miller replied (with a straight face):  "Each of us in a democracy as a citizen has the right to exercise our legitimate questions of the courts".  Well Gina, there were 17.4million citizens of this democracy who exercised their rights in 2016 and you are clearly trying to frustrate and deny their legitimate mandate.

The latest attempt to stop Boris Johnson proroguing Parliament involves a group of cross-party MPs and peers seeking a ruling from the Court of Session in Edinburgh.  Their aim is to declare such a move 'unlawful'.  Politicians named in the legal action are mostly Labour, with a spattering of SNP, Plaid, Lib Dems, Green and a couple of former Change UK cranks (see list below).

Debbie Abrahams (Labour)
Rushanara Ali (Labour)
Heidi Allen (Ind, at time of writing)
Tonia Antoniazzi (Labour)
Hannah Bardell (SNP)
Roberta Blackman-Woods (Labour)
Ben Bradshaw (Labour)
Tom Brake (Lib Dem)
Karen Buck (Labour)
Ruth Cadbury (Labour)
Joanna Cherry (SNP)
Marsha de Cordova (Labour)
Ronnie Cowan (SNP)
Neil Coyle (Labour)
Geraint Davies (Labour)
Lord Hain (Labour)
Baroness Jones (Green)
Ian Murray (Labour)
Baroness Royall (Labour)
Angela Smith (Ind)
Jo Swinson (Lib Dem)
Hywel Williams (Plaid)
Lord Winston (Labour)
Lord Wood (Labour)