Friday 1 February 2019


The subject of George Soros was 'debated' on Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 programme this lunchtime.  We say 'debated', but what actually happened was so totally one-sided there was no debate at all.  Left-wing journalist David Aaronovitch was in the studio to vent how everything bad that is mooted about the shadowy billionaire is just a mix of conjecture, conspiracy theory, anti-Semitism and downright lies.  Small credit to Jeremy Vine who interjected at one point to let it be known that one of the many recipients of George's billions over the years has been Aaronovitch's own organisation.  So, exactly how 'impartial' is your correspondent?

Normally on Vine's show, what follows an opening monologue is a balanced debate where callers of opposing views voice their opinions.  However, today what happened was a series of comments were read out and several calls were taken - all of which defended Soros!  George couldn't have written it better himself, so much for dispelling those conspiracy theories beeb!!

George Soros