Monday 16 May 2022


Neil Oliver tackles the despicable WHO pandemic treaty in his latest monologue.  What is the WHO pandemic treaty you may ask, for there has been no mention of it in the mainstream media - quelle surprise?  The WHO treaty will mean nations who sign up to it will no longer have control over their own response to new diseases.  If the World Health Organisation was to dictate lockdowns, mask mandates or vaccine passports then that's what the signatories would impose on their citizens.  The very concept of the treaty subverting democracy and national sovereignty, which is of course at the heart of the globalist agenda.  The WHO is another unelected body that is not accountable to anyone.  Boris Johnson has already indicated that he will sign up on our behalf, undermining the Brexit vote and keeping the UK on course to join Klaus Schwab's new world order.

Neil does not take the implications lightly: "Be in no doubt, this so-called pandemic treaty is the single greatest power grab that anyone has seen in our lifetime - it's nothing less than the groundwork, the laying of deep foundations for global governance".  He ends his piece by delivering a stern and defiant message, in that he will not comply with any WHO diktat 'while there is breath in my body'.  Hear, hear!

Click below for Mr Oliver's take on the latest disturbing globalist assault on our lives and liberty.

Despite the media blackout on this dystopian treaty, a very successful poll on the UK Parliament website is on course to reach the 100,000 threshold required for a Commons debate.  A debate is the very least we could demand for something that could affect every single person in the United Kingdom.

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