Wednesday 4 May 2022


Tory turncoat Christian Wakeford has re-emerged in a video posted to his social media accounts on Wednesday.  In the video (click below) the MP for Bury South speaks alongside four local activists.  He says voters want a party that 'trusts' and 'respects' them.  Clearly that's not Labour, but Wokeford begs to differ.  If he trusted and respected his own voters, he would give them the opportunity to re-elect him as a Labour MP in a by-election.  That's obviously not going to happen, because Christian would rather wait until a general election - until he must face the voters.

Having jumped ship from the Tories during the first rise of Partygate, the MP appears to have only his place on the Westminster gravy train at heart.  A man who quits a party for the opposing team is not a man of principal and was surely a decision made with his wafer thin majority in mind.  Just 402 votes separated him from Labour in 2019 and with Labour continuing to poll ahead of the Tories he may well be re-elected.  But let's hope not, no-one likes a turncoat.

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