Saturday 28 May 2022


Sadiq Khan's jetset lifestyle is well known.  The London mayor recently visited the States, during which he travelled the entire width of the country and hobnobbed with James Corden and Hillary Clinton.  However, it was Labour's Bristol mayor who raised eyebrows this week when it was revealed that he flew 4,600 miles on a nine hour flight in order to deliver a 14 minute speech on tackling climate change.  No, we kid you not.

Marvin Rees took the flight in April as an invited guest speaker of this year's TED conference in Vancouver, Canada.  TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a globalist mouthpiece promoting the usual scaremongering ideologies of the elites.  Bill Gates is a regular contributor, naturally.  Rees's speech was intended to show how city mayors could help tackle 'climate change' - Bristol's dystopian 'Clean Air Zone' will come into force this summer.  However, the fact he flew thousands of miles each way to deliver his brief speech has actually angered climate change campaigners.

Campaign group Flight Free UK say that his journey would have generated two tonnes of CO2 per passenger, directly at odds with his message.  A spokesman for the mayor's office defended the flight: "The mayor's visit to Vancouver was not just to deliver the talk, he had a full agenda".  It is not clear how this agenda prevented him from communicating via video link.

The trip took place before Bristol voted to scrap the position of elected mayor, but it was only publicised this week.  Rees will be out of office in 2024, so he can jetset to his heart's content without the worry of any electoral blowback on himself.

We don't suppose there will be many takers, but anyone interested in Marvin's 14 minutes of transcontinental fame can click here for his full speech.

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