Friday 27 May 2022


There were seven council by-elections this week, three of which were all independent affairs in the City of London.  We won't trouble you with those results and will concentrate on the party politics of the rest.  Unusually there was a by-election held on Wednesday - in Spelthorne, Surrey.  The Green Party gained that seat from the Tories, making it the fourth straight Conservative loss since the local elections earlier this month.  However, a 'progressive alliance' largely delivered this result as both Labour and the Lib Dems stood aside.  There was no UKIP candidate this time, either.

Laleham & Shepperton Green, Spelthorne Borough Council

Grn: 903 (51.7%) +29.4%
Con: 775 (44.4%) +4.2%
TUSC: 69 (3.9%) New

Grn GAIN from Con

In the other results it was more bad news for the Tories as they lost a seat to an independent in North Kesteven, Lincolnshire.  It was a very close call with just six votes in it.

Labour were defending the remaining four seats, including three in Redbridge.  They successfully held all four.

Gedling Village, Gedling Borough Council

Lab: 693 (39.4%) -13.9%
Con: 544 (30.9%) +3.1%
LDem: 428 (24.3%) +5.4%
Grn: 95 (5.4%) New


Sleaford Quarrington & Mareham, North Kesteven District Council

Ind: 545 (39.6%) New
Con: 539 (39.6%) +7.2%
Lab: 287 (20.8%) -2.9%

Ind GAIN from Con

Mayfield, Redbridge London Borough Council

(three seats)

Lab: 2349, 2148, 2125
Con: 525, 470, 360
LDem: 229
Ind: 218

Lab HOLD x 3

Labour's victorious trio in Redbridge

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