Tuesday 24 May 2022


There was no Neil Oliver on his latest show, but Beverley Turner did a magnificent job standing in for him.  Bev socked it to Klaus Schwab's 'fourth industrial revolution' by focusing on what appear to be fairly innocuous tech changes that were introduced during the pandemic: "I'd rather live in a spontaneous future with people, rather than wi-fi at the centre, than planned slavery worshiping a digital god".  Hear, hear.

Click below for a monologue worthy of Mr Oliver himself...

Despite his absence from the GB News studio on Saturday, Neil Oliver has still put himself around a bit on our screens.  In the last few days he has appeared on a variety of shows, speaking to colleagues Mark Steyn, Andrew Doyle and Dan Wootton.  However, we haven taken a clip from his most recent podcast in which he discussed the looming food shortages we are being prepped for.  Get your Oliver fix below or subscribe to his regular podcasts via YouTube here.

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