Thursday 5 May 2022


Brexit-blocking Tory rebel Nick Boles has confirmed on Twitter that he voted Labour in today's local elections.  Not only that, but the three-times elected former Tory MP also claimed that he voted Labour in 1997, despite being elected as a Conservative councillor just one year later.  The revelation may raise a few eyebrows in Boles' former constituency of Grantham and Stamford, a Tory stronghold for which he was the MP between 2010 and 2019.

The left-wing New Statesman warned that his Labour endorsement 'should trouble the Tories', but the reality is quite the opposite.  Seeing the back of a woke progressive like Boles will stand the Tories in greater steed than their terrible recent record of embracing socialism.  Britain needs a conservative party, but an actual real conservative party - not the phonies we have now.

Boles resigned from the Conservatives during the Brexit impasse of 2019, after a vote in Parliament which failed to back a motion aimed at preventing Britain from leaving.  Boles sat for the remainder of his term as an 'Independent Progressive Conservative' and backed various anti-Brexit motions.  He did not contest his seat at the general election.

Since leaving office Boles has taken on senior roles with various progressive and globalist NGOs, including climate lobbyists Ecologi and pro-EU globalists the Henry Jackson Society and FMA.  All in all it's no great surprise to see someone like Boles come out for Labour or to see him enthusiastically retweeting Keir Starmer on polling day.  Good riddance!

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