Sunday 8 May 2022


An internal Labour memo leaked to the Mail on Sunday appears to prove that Keir Starmer and his party have lied repeatedly about Beergate.  The document is an itinerary for the day of the gathering and shows that the event was pre-planned - contradicting Labour's defence that it was spontaneous and not planned in advance.

The slot for the drinks and dinner is an hour and twenty minutes, after which Starmer is due to walk back to his hotel.  Again, this contradicts his claim that he 'returned to work' after a 'brief break to eat'.  The memo also appears to confirm Angela Rayner's presence at the gathering.  Her initials 'AR' are found next to 'KS' (see below).

The memo also states that social distancing and face masks are to be worn inside 'at all times', but we already know that no-one in the video leaked by Laurence Fox is wearing a face mask or social distancing.

The 'MPL Team' refers to Metropolitan Police Liaison and the Mail on Sunday says four officers were scheduled to accompany Starmer during the day's events.  They may well find themselves questioned by their colleagues in the Durham Constabulary very soon.

The release of the document will be a devastating blow to a man who has repeatedly called on the PM to resign over Partygate.  Will he practice what he preaches and 'do the decent thing'?  If he follows the Prime Minister's example and clings on he can kiss goodbye to his chances of winning the next general election.  Tough days ahead for Sir Squeaky and his deputy...

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