Thursday 11 April 2019


This was the Independent headline three days ago when a Labour MP had two windows smashed.  There was no evidence to suggest it was "Brexit-related" and the police wisely noted they are "keeping an open mind as to the motive".  Helen Goodman, whose office was targeted, was also quick to jump to conclusions.  Asked why she thought Brexit was the motive she replied:

"Firstly the pattern of action against MPs and particularly women in the north of England.  Secondly the very high level of abuse I've had on social media".
Helen Goodman MP

Of course this is pure speculation, but what Helen conveniently failed to note is that she is yet another remoaner whose constituency voted to leave the EU.  While Bishop Auckland voted to Leave by 61%, Helen recently supported all four Remain options in the indicative votes, including the motion to revoke Article 50 altogether.

What Helen also failed to mention was her involvement in the expenses scandal where she was claiming for all sorts of things she probably ought not to, including hotel stays dating from before she was even elected as an MP!  So, Helen, to ask us to believe that you've only ever upset a constituent on the basis of your Brexit views is a little tall.