Monday 1 April 2019


Seeing that John Bercow selected only Remain options tonight, it certainly wasn't his intention to see all of them defeated.  Hilarious scenes, though it's doubtful he saw the funny side.

A majority of Labour MPs voted in favour of each option, the breakdown as follows;

Clarke motion:  Remain in customs union - 230 Labour for, 10 against
Boles motion:  Remain in customs union and single market - 185 Labour for, 25 against
Kyle/Wilson motion:  Second referendum - 203 Labour for, 24 against
Cherry motion:  Revoke Article 50 - 121 Labour for, 18 against

Only five Labour MPs opposed all four motions.  Surely by now these names will be familiar...

Ronnie Campbell
Stephen Hepburn
Kate Hoey
John Mann
Graham Stringer

Compare this paltry figure with the number of Labour MPs who voted in favour of all four motions - a whopping 85!  Clearly these MPs were so desperate to overturn the referendum result they wanted a majority for at least one of the options.  Those representing Leave constituencies are in bold...

Rushanara Ali
Rosena Allin-Khan
Adrian Bailey - West Bromwich West 69% Leave
Roberta Blackman-Woods
Paul Blomfield
Ben Bradshaw
Kevin Brennan
Lyn Brown
Chris Bryant - Rhondda 60% Leave
Karen Buck
Richard Burden - Birmingham Northfield 62% Leave
Ruth Cadbury
Bambos Charalambous
Neil Coyle
Stella Creasy
Marsha De Cordova
Thangam Debbonaire
Emma Dent Coed
Anneliese Dodds
David Drew
Angela Eagle
Maria Eagle
Clive Efford - Eltham 52% Leave
Chris Elmore - Ogmore 59% Leave
Bill Esterson
Paul Farrelly - Newcastle-under-Lyme 62% Leave
Vicky Foxcroft
James Frith - Bury North 54% Leave
Hugh Gaffney
Ruth George - High Peak 51% Leave
Preet Kaur Gill
Roger Godsiff
Helen Goodman - Bishop Auckland 61% Leave
Kate Green
Lilian Greenwood
John Grogan - Keighley 53% Leave
Fabian Hamilton
Harriet Harman
Mark Hendrick - Preston 56% Leave
Rupa Huq
Sarah Jones - Croydon Central 50.3% Leave
Peter Kyle
Lesley Laird
Clive Lewis
Holly Lynch - Halifax 59% Leave
Steve McCabe
Conor McGinn - St Helens North 58% Leave
Alison McGovern
Shabana Mahmood
Sandy Martin - Ipswich 56% Leave
Rachael Maskell
Christian Matheson
Stephen Morgan - Portsmouth South 52% Leave
Ian Murray
Chi Onwurah
Kate Osamor
Albert Owen - Ynys Môn 51% Leave
Teresa Pearce - Erith & Thamesmead 55% Leave
Matthew Pennycook
Jess Phillips - Birmingham Yardley 60% Leave
Luke Pollard - Plymouth, Sutton & Devonport 54% Leave
Stephen Pound
Faisal Rashid - Warrington South 51% Leave
Steve Reed
Rachel Reeves - Leeds West 53% Leave
Matt Rodda
Danielle Rowley
Chris Ruane - Vale of Clwyd 57% Leave
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Virendra Sharma
Barry Sheerman - Huddersfield 52% Leave
Andy Slaughter
Jeff Smith
Karin Smyth
Alex Sobel
Paul Sweeney
Gareth Thomas
Stephen Timms
Stephen Twigg
Keith Vaz - Leicester East 54% Leave
Matt Western
Alan Whitehead
Martin Whitfield
Phil Wilson - Sedgefield 59% Leave
Mohammed Yasin - Bedford 52% Leave

Bear in mind there is another list of Remainer MPs stemming from these votes.  They are so extreme that they cannot bring themselves to accept any motions that allow this country even to partially leave the EU - so the Clarke and Boles motions were a no-no for them.  They'll never vote for May's deal either, perhaps not even when staring no deal in the face!  There were only six of them, but that's still one more than there were Brexiteers.  They all voted in favour of a second referendum and revoking Article 50...

Dave Lammy - abstained on Clarke/Boles
Owen Smith - voted against Clarke/Boles
Jo Stevens - voted against Clarke/Boles
Wes Streeting - abstained on Clarke/Boles - Ilford North 53% Leave 
Paul Williams - voted against Clark/Boles - Stockton South 58% Leave
Daniel Zeichner - abstained on Clarke, voted against Boles

Labour's behaviour during this process continues its truly shameful trajectory.